so I am also open for creating illustrations of any other kind, and do general illustration myself also.

from tattoo creation, to a sketch of someone as a super hero, I have done many different things, and am always open to creating something new!

all you need to do is drop me a message and we can chat about what you are after.

Please have a browse through some examples below!

A cartoon portrait of two sisters stood side by side. With their two cats either side of them. They are both wearing cute dungaree outfits and are smiling.
A funny cartoon image of some seagulls. There are a few in the background all looking towards the camera. There is one very close to the front and he has a concerned expression on his face.
An illustration of the character Giulia from the pixar film 'Luca'. The character is a young girl with red hair and freckles. She is wearing a red and white striped tshirt and a blue knitted hat.
A portrait pf a young girl with blonde hair, with her hands on her face, with a shocked expression. The portrait is a recreation of the film poster for the movie 'Home Alone' In the background, a lady and a man are sown peering through a snowy window.
A cartoon portrait of a young female character featured in the game 'Animal Crossing'. She is stood on some grass and behind her are some fruit trees, and a blue sky.
A cartoon style portrait of a young lady with red hair. She has her hair in two braids, and is wearing an outfit of colourful dungarees and a striped rainbow tshirt. She has beside her a large black dog who is on a lead.
An image of a muscley man dressed in a yellow and blue superhero outfit. The outfit is a wolverine superhero one, so one his hands, some long claw like spikes extend from his knuckles. He is set on a red background.
An illustration of a book cover which reads 'The Story of Nuala O'Connor'. The illusteration has lots of bright colours and dotted around the writiing are images of icrecream, cake, a photo of a young girl, and another photo of the young girl and her mym driving in a pink convertible car.
An illustration of a young girl with blonde hair, holding onto a large balloon in the shape of the number 3. She is floating in the air. The young girl has on a blue patterned dress and is holding onto a block of cheese. Behind her is a blue sky with clouds, and a rainbow.
An image of the character 'Mike Wazowski' from the film 'Monsters University'. Mike is a small green monster, who has a perfectly round body and one large eye in the centre of his head. He is wearing a blue, tattered baseball cap and also has braces on his teeth, shown in his mouth which is smiling.
An illustration of a large round lollipop, which has stripes of yellow, orange, green, blue and red on it. It has a wooden stick. Above the image is the word 'sweet' in white letters, and it is all set on a turquoise background.
An illustration of a young female toddler with blonde her. Her left arm is outstretched and she is holding onto a red heart shaped balloon. The young girl has short blonde hair, and she is wearing a watermelon style dress with red and green. She also has on little red shoes and white frilly socks.
This is a close up image of a cartoon villain. The villain has on a metal mask which covers his face except for his eyes. They also have on a bottle green cape which is surrounding their face. The character has a deep teal coloured eye.
A tattoo design, which is a large, detailed drawing of many different flowers. The flowers are purple, deep blue and orange, and towards the top is a large yeloow sunflower. Resting on the flowers you can also see a bumble bee, a butterfly with rainbow coloured wings and a dragonfly with a blue body.