MY DIGITAL PET portraits start from just £40 each. I can complete these in black and white, or in colour. 

I will ask for a favourite photo or selection of photos to work from. capture your beloved pet or perhaps have one created in memory of one you may have lost- regardless I will do all I can to capture their character and quirky traits!

prices WILL go up depending on how many pets you want to include, and whether you'd like to add other things such as WORDING or specific backgrounds.

Please contact me in whichever format suits you best, via my contact page for more information or For a quotation.

Please have a browse through some examples below!

PNG image-56F5266458B9-1.PNG
This is a portrait of white french bulldog, with black ears, a black patch over their eyes and black patches on it's back. The image is drawn from above and the dog is looking up, and has it's front paws together.
09DE49B1-3894-482E-BCCA-46033C9B2B36 4.PNG
4C9A54D6-1EAB-4207-B170-1C152DE526E8 1.PNG
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PNG image-56F5266458B9-1.PNG
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PNG image-C79A9165FEB9-1.PNG
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